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The property is owned by the family - a 120 year old restored bank building and new building addition. The founder, Brian Walker and his family, have roots that go deep into the community with an uninhibited loyalty from the local Jackson County residents cultivated over a decade and beyond.


The family harvested and milled their own wood fallen by Hurricane Michael creating the interior walls. The wood for the bar is made out of 325 plus year old wood. All the tables in the tasting room are made out of reclaimed wood from a loft originally in the bank building. The property maintains a 7 1/2 foot solid fence to create a very spacious, family friendly courtyard around the entire property. The courtyard has games and activities for kids, outdoor bathrooms, outdoor bar, string lights, shade sails, plenty of seating and a stage. Live music on the weekends and an onsite food truck will keep patrons coming back and staying for food, fun, and good times.

Brian Walker



Brantley Cook

Master Brewer


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